Hola! I’m Yvette Syversen the founder of Graceful Growth, and if you are having these challenges:

Burned out from working long hours on a daily basis

Finding, managing and retaining good people

Cash starved, low profits

Lack of a clear strategic plan for growth

No personal freedom

Fear of growing your business due to lack of time, tools  and resources

…You’re in the RIGHT place!

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You shouldn’t be owned by the business you own.


About Yvette Syversen


Nothing gets me more excited than helping ambitious women build their business so that they get both the income and the personal freedom to enjoy it.

I currently own a profitable business that allows me to impact lives, earn money and build wealth all without sacrificing my personal time!

Want to know the secret?

For over a decade I consulted and implemented business growth strategies for Fortune 500 companies. And even though I didn’t spend a lot of time examining it back then I did internalize the knowledge.

But, it wasn’t until I watched several of my friends flounder as they attempted to transform their side businesses into full-fledge empires, that I made the decision to stop looking for a job in corporate and start my own business, to help them.

It dawned on me that the strategies to grow a profitable & sustainable business I mastered in corporate are the exact skills needed by entrepreneurs and small business owners  (like you).  I could synthesize my knowledge into easier-to-use formulas to help you scale your business and reach your full potential as leader within your company without sacrificing your personal time.

Why reinvent the wheel right? I’ve built a sustainable multi-6 figure business let me save you from some time and money.

Truth is you shouldn’t be owned by the business you own!

One of my revolutions (yes, I have a few others)  is to empower you to achieve total entrepreneurial freedom and your life goals via entrepreneurship. Now, whether that means more fame, more money, more time off, more fulfillment, more purpose whatever your life’s goals are, I want to help you scale your business so its fun to manage, profitable and allows you to create the lifestyle YOU deserve. A business that grows, runs & survives without always depending on you.

My business allows me to do what I want, when I want, with whom I want & where I want.   I’ve structured it so I can regularly spend time with my two delicious boys (10 & 3), go and indulge a glass of Brunello or Champagne at a moments notice with the girls (without worrying about the check), or go on the occasional spa adventure in the middle of the day or travel without feeling like everything might collapse when I open my laptop on Monday.  To the naked eye it seems as if I don’t have a business, but I do and it hums along even when I’m not around.

Now, this is the lifestyle I’ve created for myself.

You might want to structure your life completely different or maybe something similar,  bottom line I want to help you also do whatever you want, when you want, with whom you want and where you want! 

Now, of course, not all is hunky dory, my life is far from perfect, however, the “bad days” are far and few between… A Starbucks pumpkin late, a vanilla-scented candle and a re-run of I Love Lucy usually does the trick 😉

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“I am well on my way to 6 figures because of the clarity I have in what needs to get done and the increase in productivity…” – Ann Thomas, Esq, CPCC, ACC, Life Coach, Evolving Goddess

“I found Yvette at just the right time. At a crucial moment in my business’ growth, I needed to get a handle on how best to manage the multiple moving parts and somewhat overwhelming aspects of running an entrepreneurial venture. Yvette’s lessons and especially her live calls really helped me isolate and identify concrete ways to improve how I run my operation.” – Merideth Mehlberg, Career Strategist, MeridethMehlberg.com

“I now have more clarity about how I spend my time, where I’m going and what I need to give myself permission to shift in order to get there.” Thank you so much Yvette — you’re a gem! – Ashley Gwilliam, Copywriter, Fresh Squeezed Copy

“I’ve done more to move my business forward in the weeks that I’ve been working with you that I’d done in a year.. – Miriam Cohen, Marketing Consultant, Miriam Cohen Consulting