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4 Stress Free Ways To Attract Your Dream Team

For your business to continue to prosper you must figure out how to build a team that works well together. No easy feat. After all, you’re bringing together people with different backgrounds, skillsets and personalities to work towards a common goal—making your big bodacious vision a reality.

So, most likely the big question that looms around your head when it comes to hiring is –

How do you attract the right team members to your business?

The answer to this question may surprise you, but, the way you attract the best talent into your organization is by being a great leader.

What do I mean?

That it all starts with you. If your business has a meh culture, it’s your own dang fault. See, as the leader you’re the one that decides what kind of business culture you want to create. It’s your character and your values that will set the tone for every single little aspect of your business. Including what type of talent you want to bring onboard and attract.

The talented people you’re after want to work with the best people, in the best environment and on the most exciting tasks they can find. Thus the way to attract the best talent is to be a good leader. Set a great example with your way of being and doing.

And what is being a “good leader”?

Simple, just like with your clients, it’s not about you it’s about them. In other words, it is all about the people you bring onboard to help you turn your vision into reality.

A good leader when interviewing takes an interest in learning what’s important to the potential new team member, their goals, aspirations, dreams and desires. Once you know these crucial pieces of information then you enable the possibility of connecting your big bold vision to their goals. This way both parties win. Instead of doing what the majority of companies do – hire to fill a spot.

Taking a proactive approach to building a working environment that fosters creativity, enables people to perform at their best doing what they are good at, and treating them with respect and consideration at all times is what allows you to attract A-Level talent.

I’ve had the task of hiring and leading teams for multi-million dollar projects and for my own business and in the process I’ve learned a ton about hiring the right people and creating a cohesive team.

Let me tell you building an awesome team is hard work. You will kiss many frogs before you find your prince or princess. There are no tricks or magic wands to make it painless, but thankfully you’ve met me and I’ve done some of the hard work for you and I’m willing to share.

After a couple of snafus and kissing some frogs of my own I became aware that there are a few specific ways to attract the crème de la crème, here are four of them:

Keep’em In The Loop

As the leader of your business you have totally committed to your “Big Bodacious Vision,” right? But, that is not all there is to it. You also need to be able to communicate it to your team effectively so they not only see the bigger picture, but also see how they are going to be able to help you achieve your big hairy bodacious vision. Once you articulate your big vision in an attractive way, you’ll attract people that will eagerly get on board to help you build an amazing & profitable company.

Offer Opportunities for Growth

One of the best ways to attract and retain superstars is to ensure they are always learning and developing skillsets that will continue to enhance their careers. Remember how I mentioned that you should know what their desires are. This is where you can really retain top talent when you are open (whether or not they stay working with you) and allow them to improve their skills.

Send them to training, assign them tasks that challenge them (when appropriate), and/or tasks and projects that they feel they are continually learning, so they become a more valuable asset to your business over time.

A-Level talent loves new and stimulating challenges. They are more interested in figuring out what works best than doing what you’ve always done. Give them chances to shine in new and interesting ways.

Foster Ownership

I’m a big proponent of bringing people onboard and give them ownership of a role or a project as opposed to just hiring someone to take care of a task.

When you hire someone to just handle tasks for you they usually require tons of hand holding, direction and the expectation is that you will manage their priorities and tell them exactly what and when they need to complete each task.

Whereas when you hire someone and give them ownership of a task or a project they completely own their work and the results their assigned tasks will produce. In essence you allow them to call the shots. Within limits, of course, the buck still stops with you.

Almost everyone hates being micro-managed. I wanted to say no one, but when it comes to people there is always an exception to every rule. The A-Level people you want won’t like being micro-managed so give them the power and responsibility to make important decisions and take action.

 Craft a results–oriented job description

If you’ve done your homework then you’re intimately familiar with your business KPI’S (key performance indicators) and as such have a pretty good idea of the end results you expect your team members to achieve.

So, a very effective way to attract the crème of the crop to your company is rather than simply creating the same ole job description you want to craft a results-oriented job descriptions that outlines the position as well as the end results you want. In other words the measurable for the position that you’re hiring for.

When you do this exercise it will force you to get crystal clear on the key skills set and fit you’ll need for your superstar meet your expectations.

There you have it four stress-free ways to attract the crème de la crème to your business. Using these four proactive tactics for hiring will help you attract the best talent for your business and build your dream team, word will spread and people will want to work with you which in turn will accelerate your ability to build a more profitable business without driving yourself into the ground.

Do you have any stress-free ways to hire A-talent? Tell me all about it in the comments section below!


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