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How To Make Better Decisions

Last week we talked about the importance of having a vision that stirs the passion in your soul. In case you missed it you can read all about it here.

Having this crystal clear vision of the end game makes it less likely you will lose your passion to build your dream business.  It forces you to ask yourself, “What do I need to do to get there?”  This shift in mentality nurtures creativity and efficiency in your business.

This week I will share with you another tool to help you take your business to that next level.  Aligning your business vision with your core values.

A few years ago I worked with a business coach and she had me do an exercise that helped me identify what my top values were and align those with my business vision.  For me freedom was one of the things at the top of my list.  Since then, I spend a lot of time building a business that supports my freedom needs.

You see, there are family, personal and business values and clarifying what these are drives you toward success. Your core values are the most important things in your life and are what brings you fulfillment.

Your core values serve as your internal compass. Just as a compass needle points to the magnetic North Pole, your values guide you in the right direction when you follow their pull.  Orienting your work and life around core values provides fulfillment and inspiration.

On the other hand, living or working out of sync with values brings tension, confusion, boredom, frustration and draining obligations.  So, as your business grows into the higher echelons of six figures and beyond those values direct your attitudes and actions and knowing them help you be super focused and decisive.

Here is the thing, when you have a crystal clear vision of the business you want and align it with your personal values – BAM! It’s powerful. You’ll find business decisions are easier, and you’ll continue to build a business that truly suits you. Good bye, scattered thoughts. Good bye, wasted time.

I invite you to take a look at the list below. It’s not exhaustive by any means but should get you thinking.  It took me a while to “own” my core values, but once I made the emotional connection it allowed me to make a few adjustments, ushering in an era of satisfaction and success.

Acceptance, achievement, balance, being unique, courage, creativity, challenge, connection, efficiency, fame, family, freedom, fulfillment, fun, growth, harmony, health, happiness, integrity, knowledge, leadership, love, loyalty, impact, passion, peace, play, prosperity, security, self-awareness, service, sharing, wisdom, trustworthiness, wealth, and wellbeing.

Do any of these jump out and hug your heart? They are probably the ones that should be entwined with your business vision and day-to-day practices. They can be used as guiding principles for your business strategies and help you decide what tools to use and what team members to add to help you reach goals.

So, if you are looking for a way to build a sustainable profitable business (no matter what the economic outlook) – while requiring less time and enjoying the journey more – you need to develop a clear vision that lights a fire in you and align it with your core values. Then envision yourself down the road experiencing success. It will help you get there.

Listen to me. Don’t think cracker crumbs here! Remember, think giant, spectacular 12-layer cake! Your vision needs to be bold and beautiful. It should not be a namby-pamby thing… you know, what your business could be. Instead, it’s what you decide it will be and what you are determined to do to make it happen. That vision is what will empower your business and get you through the tough times.

And, I’ll give you another secret. It’s part of your job as a business owner, leader and visionary to share this vision with your virtual assistant and team if you have them. Your dream will likely become their dream too. They are apt to be inspired and take action to ensure its fulfillment, becoming part of your dream and fulfilling theirs at the same time. This will allow your team to handle routine decisions based on your policies and priorities. This is just another success tip when you start hiring for ownership and truly letting go so you can concentrate on what you do best.

Now, I would like you to take a moment and list your Top 10 values. Look at my starter list if you need a little prompting. Prioritize and assess what they truly mean in your business and life.

The intent of this exercise is to clarify your thinking process to free you from all the stuff that is going on around you. It will help you look at your business in its current state to determine if it’s aligned with who you are and what you want out of your life. Once you achieve this level of clarity, no outside force will dictate what you should do in your business.

This exercise will set a solid foundation. It will help you make decisions with confidence, because you have firm footing. You’ll be less wishy-washy. It will help YOU decide whether to jump onto the social marketing bandwagon or whether hiring a virtual assistant is right for you and so on.

Bear in mind that as your life and business change, so will your priorities. Things that work now may not hum along in six months. You may find yourself at a crossroad. Another secret when moving beyond the six figure mark is that the strategies that got you to that income level will not be the same strategies that get you to the next monetary level. So your core values and long-term business vision will help you decide which way to go. No book, no workshop, no business or coach can do that for you.


  1. Yevette! You are speaking to my heart. Here are my top 10: Authenticity, Love, Connection, Inspiration, growth, passion, family, fun, purpose and abundance.

  2. Great exercise Yvette! I can always feel when I’m getting out of alignment with my core values: family, freedom, creativity, challenge, connection, love, peace, security, health, wisdom.

    • Ah, Christine! What amazing feedback. I too feel what Yvette has outlined above. For me it’s family and everything else has to come after that. Most importantly my work has to WORK for me, or it’s not working at all. I love how you have outlined that idea of a vision and making it a teams vision what a great way to spread the love, creativity and empowering vibes! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Thanks Yvette, my top ten are: Joy/Happiness, Health, Prosperity/Abundance, Connection, Love, Gratitude, Authenticity, Passion/Purpose, Inspiration, and Inner Wisdom.

  4. I’ve been working on this since last week, so thank you for making it concrete, Yvette! Ok here goes: Acceptance, being unique, connection, fun, creativity, impact, self-awareness, family, authenticity & freedom.

  5. For me, it’s love, passion, freedom, creativity, abundance in all areas of my life and peace, you know that peace that you feel in the inner core of your being when you’re doing what makes your heart sing.

  6. Great reminder on how we need to stay – or get back into! – alignment with our core values. It was rough choosing just 10 words, but here are mine: Achievement, balance, being unique, courage, creativity, challenge, family, freedom, fulfillment, prosperity. I do a good job of keeping at least five of these in front of me at all times – and can feel it when I get out of synch.

    Jennifer Peek | Small Business Strategist
    Find Your New Groove
    The Freedom to Build Your Business Your Way

  7. It’s the “core-ness” of core values I find so wonderful. Having coached executives for years that one cannot separate business from personal – or at least, that when one operates in ALL of Life from a set of core values, it makes success & happiness flow in every part. I hadn’t revisited mine for a while. Top four are: connection, creativity, freedom, vision. Rounding out top 10: authenticity, beauty, family, health, prosperity, spiritual growth.

  8. Great exercise. My top 3 values are impact, freedom and passion. The remaining are integrity, balance, security, authenticity, well-being, service and transformation.

  9. Thank you for such a thought provoking post Yvette! My Values are Family, Respect, Freedom, Happiness, Creativity….LOVE This exercise!

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