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What Does A Wedding Cake & Business Have In Common?

Imagine a beautiful wedding cake on display. The intricately iced roses, the majestically tall tiers and the artistically sweeping swags. It all looks so effortless.

The reality? Someone spent HOURS carefully constructing it! The cake’s icing and fondant usually weighs between 10 and 100 pounds –– meaning the real work began long before the artistry we enjoy oooing and ahhing over!

All that loveliness will not stay stacked without the proper support. Underneath its frilly exterior is a system of dowels and boards that keep the cake from slumping or collapsing all together.

Your business needs the same structure. Not whale-bone stays, but something along those lines.

Having productivity formulas in place is the reason why you see others entrepreneurs you are jealous of, um, I mean admire experiencing the wealth and freedom you are seeking.  They have organized EVERY aspect of their business — marketing, accounting, customer service, tech etc — into repeatable systems. Thus, making it look smooth and easy.

Documenting processes & automating the mundane aspects of your business, will free yourself to engage in more revenue-generating activities!

This may mean making personal phone calls to new clients; it all depends on your business.  Bonus? You may even be able to call it quits a few hours early and spend some extra quality time with your loved ones.

After all, isn’t that what drew you to solo-entrepreneurship in the first place? In addition, to expressing yourself creatively in your business of course.

Is your business built to support you?

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  1. I agree! Those systems and structures are so important and as a creative spirit I struggle with this. Thank you for the reminder that in order to GROW my business with ease and grace, I must also attend to the systems. . .

    • My pleasure, Sue! I love how eloquently you summarized my post- “in order to GROW my business with ease and grace, I must also attend to the systems. . .” Yes, with “ease & grace” being the operative words in our entrepreneurial journey!

  2. Hey Yvette! I LOVE this analogy!! And the title totally got me hooked in. Nice work. And I love the reminder. So often, we want things, and we want them NOW and it’s so important to remember to take the necessary baby steps it take to get there. Thank you so much for sharing!

    • You’re welcome Sally! And thanks for the “title” compliment 😉

  3. What an awesome analogy!!! Reminded me of both my wedding (gave me warm and fuzzies) and of my business which is in desperate need of systems automation so I can focus on the fun stuff – the things I am truly passionate about. Thank you for the reminder. And also the reminder to take some time out to spend with my hubby. 🙂

    • Thank you Candice! Get those systems in place soon girl, so you can start having more fun and enjoying the beauty of being self-employed.

  4. LOVE the wedding cake analogy . . . which maybe can be extended to see anything beautiful has an internal structure that we are probably unaware of. This is great because sometimes as women, we miss out on the whole “laying the foundation” stuff that men get with building stuff like homes and tree houses and forts. Everything has a foundation and we’re responsible for making sure it supports the structure we want. Great post!

  5. At first I thought, what in the WORLD does a wedding cake and biz have in common… but I see it, I get it. And I agree.

    Folks come, see and sample the final creation but tons and tons of hard work and labor went into the creation. Thank you for thsi validation.


  6. I so enjoyed your post…The whole time I was reading it I was envisioning the type of cake I make…the concept is really creative and fun…but if I want it to look right, I have to hire someone to patiently squeeze the frosting on! Same with my business concepts…I am a good thinker and creator, but if I want it done right, I need someone to do the code and enter the stuff into the databases for me. It comes out a lot better when there is teamwork. Thanks for getting me thinking! ~Cathy

  7. A good reminder that a beautiful creation takes time and energy! Systemizing my business is necessary for both efficiency and productivity.

  8. Really hits home for me. My main goal right now is to get organized and get some basic systems in place. I find myself reinventing my own wheel over and over and I am tired of it! xo

  9. Oh this completely resonated with me!! As a painter I know how much work goes on behind the scenes….

    ‘Documenting processes & automating the mundane aspects of your business, will free yourself to engage in more revenue-generating activities!’

    …like painting! Lol! I’m currently working on building these extremely important systems for my own life/biz, so I can spend more time doing what I was put here to do. No flying-by-the-seat-of-your-pants for me. I need a little more support than that!

    Thanks for the great post and analogy!

  10. Love the analogy! So many people think creating business systems is boring or a waste of time. But I totally agree once its done you have so much more time to spend doing what you love in your business and your life!

  11. Love this! This year has been about automation and systems for my business. The biggest challenge I’ve had is remembering to keep up with my systems. So, having support would be like have my cake and eating it too!

  12. For better or for worse as they say? Let’s change that to simply better!

  13. You got it honey! Without a solid WELL THOUGHT OUT foundation, your business will fall like a house of cards. Awesome post!


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  14. I love this analogy. It’s so true! With many pretty things, there was a lot of work that went into making it that way 🙂

  15. Yep! I’ve been starting to really see the holes in my systems lately, and it’s time to sit down and start filling them.

  16. Wonderful analogy – and a good reminder for watching for the holes in our systems.

  17. So true! Often investing a bit more time and energy to lay solid foundations, will prove such a time and energy saver later on.

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