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Who I Dance With Exclusively

Hey there smarty pants:

Do you think we are good match? Betcha no other business coach has come out and asked you that.

Over the years some of you have shared your big goals and struggles with me, I’ve causally connected with some of you in social media circles, some of you have taken advantage of my offers and we’ve worked together, had loads of fun and you’ve made more cash.

However, some of you have remained anonymous, standing in the sidelines, peeking, but not committing to show your beautiful self to me. Perhaps, you are not ready, perhaps you are looking for just the right time, perhaps you need a little kick in the pants (I’ve got a knack for that) or perhaps you prefer I take the first step? How about if I come clean and straight-up tell you if you + I are a good match.

Well, today, I decided to give you that kick in the pants and take the first step to see if I’m the right person to take you to the prom.


Let’s be honest, you ultimately don’t give a *BEEP* about my services or products, who I work with best or that I’m addicted to pumpkin spice lattes. Not one damn bit. What you really want to know is what I can do for you. How I can help you make more money doing what you love while building a well-run, frustration-free and most importantly profitable empire. It’s about how we can dance together so you can bring your boldest vision to reality.

Let me tell you a quick little story…

Way in the beginning of my coaching business, I thought I could help momprenuers, just because I was a momprenuer and I had firsthand experience with the trials and tribulations of building a business as a mom. You now that whole work/ life balance thing with juggling screaming babies thrown in that the magazines try to sell as so easy. HA!

But, after a few failed attempts, I just wasn’t connectikaytin’. Say what!? I’d keep telling myself “But, I’m a mom?” Didn’t matter what I said or did nothing helped to attract other momprenuers.

One day, I said enough, this is not working I need to move on. That day I decided to take my toys and go find another sandbox to play in.

I went on a quest to find the women that I wanted to work with, the women that would light me on fire, that would inspire me to be better, to think bigger, and not just work with the women that I “should” be working with.

Fast forward to today, I’m happy to report I’ve chosen to work with a very specific kind of lady entrepreneur.

So, do you want to know who do I work with?

Wanna know who gets access to all leveragy knowledgeness I learned from the bad-ass corporate stuff I used while working as a business & technology consultant for fortune 500 empires. The same stuff used while creating a 6-figure business from scratch while caring for my babies (hubby included!)

Wondering if that is you?

Fair enough.

Because I like you, I’m coming clean. Just for you.

Here are a few traits of the self- made millionaire in training that I love working with:

Entrepreneurial Spirit + Action Oriented + Creative with a Twist

• She is an idea factory, big thinker, but need helps planning, creating systems and executing on her big ideas so she can turn them into a profitable business.

• She is an independent professional who is damn good at what she does, but whom has not been taught how to run an empire – and still have a life of her own.

• She is a take action kind of gal who is not as drawn to cutesy things. She’s got a can do attitude and knows deep down she has the ability to do anything she wants, however when the ‘D’ word comes into play (aka details) she loses interest fast. And so she knows when she is held accountable there are is no ceiling, she succeeds.

Humble Ferocious Learner + Future-Focused + Innovative

• She is not afraid to invest in her education. She loves to learn and is willing to change. She attends seminars and keeps herself up-to-date with the latest industrial trends.

• She knows that her cup is never full, she does not have all the right answers, so she is always learning new things to improve personally and strategies on how to better manage her business.

• She is open to new approaches, ideas, new ways of doing things and new technologies. She is a mixture of masculine and feminine energies. She’s non-judgmental of others. She gets along with all kinds of people regardless of their economic or educational level. She loves traveling to exotic places.

Self-fulfilled + Self-motivated + Self Belief

• She loves being in control of her destiny. She decides how hard to work, play and when.

• She derives personal fulfillment and gratification from running her businesses.

• She marches to the beat of her own drum. She forges her own path fueled by her passion and is led by her inner voice (instincts).

• She has a firm belief in herself. She knows she is destined to be great and does not care what others think or say about her. Rejection is not an indication of her self-worth, she embraces it to fuel her competitive side.

• She nurtures motivating thoughts, neutralizes her monkey brain and focuses on the task at hand, she pulls herself out of a slump before it gains momentum.

Ambitious + Revenue Driven + Grateful

• She dreams big, bold and is determine not to live a life of mediocrity. She has an inner urge for excellence and achieve more than others around her.

• She loves money and wants lots of it. But at the same time she knows money is a means not an end. She is a true humanitarian, her deepest desire is to help others. To see others shine.

• Her vision is ambitious, but realistic and attainable. She is aware of the good things that has happened to her, and she never takes them for granted. Her friends and family members know that she is a grateful person because she always take the time to express her thanks and appreciation.

Spiritually Conscious with a Twist

• She has learned how to live in the present moment. She has strong beliefs about the higher purpose and meaning of the universe in a non-woo woo kind of way. She knows where she fits in the larger scheme. Her beliefs shape her actions and are a source of comfort to her.

In short, I love dancing with successful women entrepreneurs who are determined to create a highly profitable business and a dazzling quality of life. Women who are willing to connect and collaborate with others who will help her climb, no b.s. excuses, no dilly dallying.

If you know a smarty pants lady like this (or if it’s you) then let her know that I’ve got everything she needs to turn her boldest vision into a reality this year!

You see, I’m a ninja at seeing the bigger picture of your full business potential. Knowing exactly what is needed to put you into action and kicking your @$$ up to the next level.

Actually, better yet why don’t you reserve a spot in my newly minted program “Free Me From My Business” and determine for yourself if we are made for each other so you can achieve what others only dream of.

Here is where you can pick my brains gratis Freedom Chats



  1. I love that you work with momprenuers and other types of fancy ladies. Also, your program sounds amazing, fun and full of engaging tools that someone could PUT into practice vs just listening and NOT moving forward in their business. I love how you used the metaphor of moving on to another sandbox, that is brave and I am so proud of you that you made that move, it’s not easy and you are bold enough to KNOW that is something is not working it’s time to move onward and upward. LOVE learning more about your business, your program foSURE is amazing!

    • Thank you Nasrine!

  2. You seem really clear on the kind of clients that you work with. This she help people to self-select and choose to work with you. Love your energy. You have so much to offer! Kudos to you on your new program!

    • Thank you bunches Sabra!

  3. Yvette – it’s great to see your transformation from who you thought you “should be working with” to this very clearly defined list of dance partner attributes! Now that you’ve put this out into the Universe, let the self-made millionaires in training come.

  4. Yvette,

    I love this. I love how you put it out there – what you do, who you work with, who you don’t. You definitely got me thinking. I see myself in a lot of what you said. I’m pondering.

  5. Wow, Yvette, great post! I’m inspired to write one of my own. It’s so great to read about your transformation from “working with anyone” to narrowing down the characteristics of the people that are the best fit for you. Your self-made millionaires are going to rock the house!

  6. You go, girl! I absolutely love this – getting all up in your exclusivity and getting that hustle on 🙂

    Who I work with has been an evolution as well – and my thinking sounds eerily similar to yours. Then I learned some of the same lessons. The important part being, of course, that we learned and moved on! The way in which you’ve crystallized who you work with is awesome and inspiring for both you and your clients. Combine that with your sense of humor and that great freebie offer….WOW.

    Jennifer Peek
    Find Your New Groove
    Left-Brained Strategy for Right-Brained Businesses

  7. Great post. Very clear on who you want to work with, who energizes you and who floats your business boat. Perfect1

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