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Does Your Day Go By In A Blur?

This week’s question from “Wednesday’s Unplugged with Yvette ” comes from an entrepreneur who wishes to remain anonymous.


I took some time off from my business to take care of my elderly mother, and now, when I’m trying to start it back up again, I’m having trouble staying focused.  I’m very frustrated because I’m a business coach and I can’t seem to get around this problem for myself. Help!


This is very common among highly creative entrepreneurs, so rest assured you are not alone with this challenge. The main reason why so many of us cannot stay focused is because we are always trying to do way too much at once.   Most entrepreneurs wake up every day with tons of ideas, a mile long to-do list and all jazzed up about everything they are going to accomplish that day.  But, then something happens, they start fumbling through their emails, tweeting, running out for errands, taking care of household chores, listening to the latest guru on how they made a million dollars selling an e-book etc..and bang they become distracted,  the mind starts to wander off and not much gets accomplished.  It happens to the best of us.

There are a few tried and true ways to harness the power of focus. I will share with you my favorite two.

First, figure out (make a list) of the things you are very good at and what will matter the most.  In other words, which task when completed will get you closer to your business vision.  Then write down the most important things (no more than 5) that you need to do to achieve the task and take action.

Here’s the thing, and this is going to sound counterproductive, but, the less you do in your day, the better results you’ll get, as long as you are focusing your attention on results that matters most.  So, decide what is important, what you need to concentrate on and work on that until completed.

My second suggestion to help you get & remain focused is to get accountable. This trick works like a charm. How do you get yourself accountable? Well, you can — join a mastermind group, find an accountability partner, when working on a new program or service pick a time frame and go public (tell your clients about it) and finally hire a coach or consultant. Its amazing how putting in place these accountability measures will crank up your focus ability.

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