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Busy-ness of Business Bumming You Out?

Humor me for a second, imagine no more slaving away for hours on end 7 days a week on your laptop, so you can bring in the cash.

No more hosing down your eyes with Visine just to see straight while you try to get everything done yourself.

No more turning down or backing out from fun time with friends and family because, you um… HAVE to work, again.

No more feeling like you are digging a ditch only to have someone shoveling the dirt back in onto your head.

Sound like pie in the sky?

I assure you it is not.

What if I told you that with just a few tweaks your business can not only run seamlessly, but also bring in the cash and be scaled up as big as you can wrap your brain around. That all the heavy lifting is taken care of by a team of dedicated people who believe in your dreams and will go the extra mile to make you happy. Thus, allowing you to do all the things that bring you joy, while still making lots of coin.

Well, for you to be able to add flavor to the world with your special sauce and increase your bottom line – you need more time to focus on what actually brings in more clients and cash.

How do you free yourself from the busyness of your business and get more time? Magic Money Multipliers™. MMM’s are about getting the necessary tools (people, systems, automation and delegation) to free up your time so you can focus on the strategic level work and what’s profitable (client work, marketing, business development, etc.)

Here are five quick ways to squash your “do it all diva” mentality for good :

1. Make a list of your core competencies and money-making tasks.

The things that you and only you can do. Then list side jobs you could delegate. Be specific. Clear delineation will help you know which people to bring into your circle.

2. Track how you spend your time.

List everything you do in 15-minute increments for at least two days. Note everything. Track billable and non-billable time. This will help you find money drains and see what tasks could be delegated.

3. Start with baby steps.

New to farming out work? Then, start small with one thing and see how it goes. If done correctly, I guarantee that you will soon see more free time, improved energy reserves, more money-making opportunities and a serious desire to get more off your plate. Gradually delegate more and more.

4. Consider the person you hire as a partner.

It may take a mindset shift, but conveying that everyone is a team member and you are all building a business together will get people to commit more to what they are doing and produce greater results. Treat team members as equals, remembering that they too have a business. Hire for ownership.

5. Acknowledge and utilize other experts.

Trying to do it all is stupid. Yeah, I said that.  Here is why:  Specialists stay up to date on the skills they need for their specialty. When are you going to fit that in? Throw in that you are not very good at it and then let’s get a little cliché here, would you perform your own surgery?  How about we beat a dead horse here, are you really the best person to lick envelopes and attach stamps?   So,  get out there and tap those resources! These people are perfect candidates to bring on board to fill the gaps in what you can’t possible do.

No matter where you are in your business – you absolutely need the right resources and systems to grow your business to the next level of self-made wealth.

If you want to join the wicked successful entrepreneurs and get your membership to the Cool Kids Club (complete with secret decoder ring) then you’ll need to do the one thing they all have in common: they don’t do it alone. They all kicked to the curb the typical do-it-yourself business owner mentality and are laughing all the way to the bank doing what they love while bringing home the bacon.

So, you can continue doing everything yourself, be a sucker and never take a vacation or you can relax your grip, let go of the delusion that you need to be the one to do everything and book a flight to an exotic spa somewhere.

How you choose to run your business is up to you, after all you are a big girl, but an obsession with control is not an asset. It’s a liability! So, unless you learn to let go your business, mental health and body will suffer. Don’t forget that your family will get hit with the fallout, too.

Question time ~ What’s holding you back from letting go?

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  1. Great article Yvette!

    I think I could most benefit from hiring out when it comes to tech issues. I can get stuck on them for hours and it’s just not worth it. I’d like to have a “rolodex” of people I could call on when something comes up. Speed of implementation right?

    I do wonder how much magic money multipliers can apply to someone with a business model that is very much service oriented — like writing. The problem I run into is that I can only do so much writing a day before my brain starts to wilt! So, if I’ve spent the week writing for clients, I end up having little reserves to do my own market-purposed writing to grow my business.

    You’ve got me thinking though!

    • Thanks Ashley! You can definitely add some magic money multipliers to your business (actually service based businesses are the one’s that can benefit the most) For starters, you can automate a lot of your online marketing strategies. Perhaps, we can brainstorm one of these days about that 😉

      • Ooooh I’m excited lol

  2. Great points Yvette. I’ve been hiring people to help with different parts of my business for awhile now, but I could definitely be more strategic with what and how I choose to outsource.

    • That is awesome Shay! Yup, being strategic about whom you hire and for what is key. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. All very true and valid points!
    I guess the big hurdle for starting entrepreneurs is to be able to afford that first partner/employee/VA. On the other hand, without hiring someone you may just be holding your business back from growing.

    • Thanks Anja! It can definitely feel like a catch 22 situation. But, there is always a way, even if you are on a shoe-string budget.

  4. So true, Yvette, it can be difficult to let go, yet oh, so rewarding when you do. The techy stuff was the first thing for me to turn over as it is not where I shine. And then having a good accountant was also key as it is not a good use of my time. Thanks for sharing your insights.

    • You’re welcome Sheila!

  5. This is definitely one of my Negative Nellies – the “do it all diva” Working on this now. Luckily I have a partner who reminds me that I don’t need to know how to do everything.

    • Excellent Christie, NN “do it all diva” begone!

  6. I love, love, love how your personality and sense of humor are coming through more and more in your writing. And, of course, your ideas are so on the mark. I’ve had some mixed results with hiring people – and I squarely blame myself. Frankly, I should have known better with all my corporate experience but somehow I let myself think that doing it in my own business was different. It’s not. Business is business – and all your tips are perfect no matter how big or how small.

    Jennifer Peek
    Find Your New Groove
    Left-Brained Strategist for Right-Brained Businesses

    • Oh Jennifer, I can so relate with having the mindset that becuase its “our business” we think somehow its different, but nope. Thanks for your compliment & support, I’ve had to dig deep, but its all good.

  7. Best advice Yvette! I especially love the advice to identify your core competency and hire out for things you need done that do not fall within your expertise! Great post!


    • Thank you bunches, Anastasia!!

  8. Great kick-in-the-pants post….I love to outsource, but have only been doing it in drips and drabs….I KNOW it is time to get on that bandwagon full-time. Thanks for the loving kick Yvette!

    • Anytime Tina 😉

  9. I really like how you break it down into very doable steps. I mean these are really doable and a salve when the thought of breaking it down seems overwhelming. And I like your writing style. I can see how your clients get very quick results: you are approachable, knowledgeable, humorous and strategic. Damn! 🙂

    • Awwww…Randi, thank you! xoxo

      • you knw3I#82o0;&’m getting kind of tired of being left hangin’ here! First the contest and now this? WHAT HAPPENS????? Sigh…so is it inappropriate to ask, how’s it hangin? Apparently not very well, and certainly not patiently. You know, if you want to buy me some Lottery tickets and get me rich, I’d have more time to write all the smut you want out of me

  10. Great point about looking for money drains. We forget time is a resource, and it is soooo easy to let it slip by unaccounted for. Not to say there are not days when taking it easy will actually be productive, but you will know in your heart when it’s not propelling you in your business!

    So let’s be intuitive!

  11. Thanks for these simple steps. I think I’m employing them more and more as I work on my business. But, it’s a good reminder to let go of more.

  12. The best advice I ever got was to hire people smarter than I am so I could focus on the things only I could do. Has made a world of difference in my life. Great post, Yvette –

  13. Love how you broke this down step by step. Great information for any entrepreneur, but especially for women, who sometimes need that gentle reminder that our worth isn’t based on being the one that does it all!

  14. Your comment about treating your team as business partners really resonated with me–I get hung up on “managing” people sometimes, when I just needed to be clear about expectations in the first place. Great post!

  15. Great reminder to let go of things that are not my thing. I hired an accountant pretty soon. But letting go of techy website stuff proves to be harder for me, even though I’m a complete starter-have-to-figure-it-all-out at it, with lots of trial and error. Might be time to let go of that one too…

  16. I am so looking forward to the day when I can do this! At this point I’m not far enough into my business to have a good idea of what I can/need to delegate, but I hope to get there eventually.

  17. You had me at “do it all diva!” LOL!

  18. Love the bit about tracking time to identify the drains and delegation possibilities. Since we can’t manage time, the best we can do is to start managing ourselves! I track a lot… next up is the tightening up and eliminating of activities that don’t add value.

  19. What perfect timing! I am beginning my sabbatical and part of my time away, I will take some of these tips into my time away so I can come back more refreshed – and ready to hit the ground running, without burning out!

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