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8 Myths Costing You Time & Money Series: Part 4 of 4

Being at the helm of your business there is no shortage of demands on your time. And even more so when you’re in growth mode, where you could be doing anything from closing the books to sweeping the floors. Most of us in the beginning stages of our businesses wear many hats to keep things afloat.

But, as your business really starts to scale and starts feeling as if it’s slipping through your fingers you can’t do everything by your pretty little lonesome and still grow your company (let alone have a life outside of it).

At this point you want to run your business more strategically and remove yourself from the day-to-day operations so you can focus on the bigger picture and growth strategy of your empire.

For you to make more money – you need more time to focus on what actually brings in more clients and income.  How do you get more time in your solo business?  LEVERAGE.  In this case, leveraging other peoples skills (whether it’s on a part-time basis of a virtual team member or a full-time person) to support you in the creation of your legacy.

For the past three weeks I’ve been focusing on debunking some of the myths surrounding delegation.  These myths are the top excuses I hear over and over on why you have not started hiring and delegating to create a business that supports you.

If you missed episode one, two or three you can get to them here: episode one, episode two, episode three!

We talked about how “The Lament of the Too Busy” , “A Damnable Financial Disposition,”  “Financial Fallout Fallacy,”  “Nobody Does It Better,” “The Fallacious State of Unknowing” and “A Mysterious Fear of Freedom” as reasons why you are not leveraging other people’s talents to grow your business.

But, the real truth is that many of you still have an internal battle of trusting someone, for some anyone, with your business.

I totally get that you are little bit of a control freak and that is good in moderation, we need to have control.  I, too wonder at times if or where things are getting done.

However, we all know that if you don’t let go, it will be pretty hard for you to break away from the daily grind and focus on building your empire.

Today, I’m debunking the last two myths I believe will ease your trust fears and allow you to delegate with more confidence, purpose, and profitably so you can stop drowning in the daily details of running your business.

And I want to add that while in corporate, many moons ago, I had to recruit plenty of employees for the projects I managed.  In more recent years, I’ve had to recruit people for my own business. So, what I’m sharing with you today are recruiting strategies that I’ve used and continue to use with great success.

What I realized while I was working for someone else over the years was that the success of my projects was heavily dependent on the people I hired. The same goes for our businesses. Your success in business is only as good as the people you surround yourself with. Tweet That!

Ready for the final two myths?

Here we go:

Myth 7:

“No One Cares Like I Do, So No One Will Work Like I Do”

How will I know if the person I hire cares about the interests of my business?


Technically, just by having a casual conversation with a potential candidate you can’t.  So, the trick to hire the right person is to be strategic about it, do your due diligence, conduct an in-depth interview process (aka some digging & grilling) and trust your gut. When your gut says, ‘no’ don’t let yourself keep trying to make it say ‘yes.’

What do I mean by all that?

For starters, it is important to describe in detail the ideal person you want to work with. Write down the skill sets you desire her or him to have – her personality, work style, and how you imagine she or he will be able to help you. Basically, begin with the end in mind!  You want to have a crystal clear picture in mind of exactly what you are looking for. It is this pre-planning what makes it easier to hire the right person for you.

Thinking this through will help you narrow your choices when you start interviewing.  You’ll know when you happen to come across the ideal candidate because she’ll fit nicely into the position you’ve outlined.

And, if you have taken the time to identify your own weaknesses (where you spend/waste your time), you’ll be able to find the person most able to strengthen your company and hire her for the right skills set.

The second step should be clearly stating your business objectives because you want to hire for the business you want and not for where your business is currently at right now.

It’s really important that your prospective candidate understands your goals and how she or he would fit into the bigger picture.

Share with them the bigger vision of what you’re working on and observe their reaction.  And most importantly,  when you are interviewing, make sure you hire someone who shares your core values, is flexible and has the ability to grow and change as your business and the job assigned to her or him grows.

You want to look for people who I call the “Crème of the Crop” players. The go-getters, A-players like yourself, but that don’t have the same strengths you do.  It does take a bit longer, but that is how you will find the gems to come work for you.

Following these strategies is what is going to allow you to feel more comfortable letting go.

Myth 8:

“The One Person Show Death Trap”

Our final myth is taking to heart the word “solo” in solo-entrepreneurship.


The worst number in business is the number 1.

Have you ever noticed that the most successful people you so admire didn’t get there by doing it all themselves?

Recently, I was reading one of my fav magazines Women’s Health and they had a section about women who are building meaningful business.  One of those business babes was Gabrielle Bernstein. When asked if she had known then what she knew now in terms of growing her business she answered I quote  –

“ I would have delegated more. I spent years trying to do it all and such got me into funky situations I wish I had known how to honor my strengths and hire those who were experts in areas where I’m definitely not.”

Taking to heart the word solo and trying to do it all on your own is the primary growth inhibitor of most businesses and when you do so, you leave a lot of cash on the table.

So, lets make a pact that you will stop trying to learn how to do activities you weren’t meant to do… things you’re not good at… don’t like doing… but have fooled yourself to feel are necessary evils for your success… because they aren’t.

Remember, every time you hand off a task to someone else you get to focus more on your dream. You will have more energy to work on your unique special sauce, but most importantly, you will have more time to help more people transform their lives.

Your Turn

There you have it, eight myths keeping you from doing what you went into business for and getting handsomely paid for it!

Now I want to hear from you! Tell me…

What are you going to let go this month so you can grow?

Or if you already have help, why aren’t you delegating more?

Can’t wait to hear all the things you are going to get off your plate young lady!

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  1. Yvette – I’ve decided bring on someone to help with customer service during my next launch. I have my eye on someone and I’m doing my due diligence! Feels super exciting and freeing.

  2. Good post. Once a person can afford help, it is definitely smart to start delegating some of the things that are a little easier to release so that the primary job of generating income…or whatever it is that the entrepreneur brings her strengths to. It is really important to hire the right people. I have heard so many horror stories about money and business being stolen.

  3. Yvette – I love the line – the worst number in business is 1. So true. Thanks for the reminder. I’ve loved the series. Sarah

  4. Yvette, I hear you loud and clear, I am guilty of the doing it all myself routine and even recognize my mistakes in doing so. I just spent this last weekend reflecting on what to release and also have in mind someone to help me with a new launch. At this point, I am still contemplating the pros and cons of my releasing certain things, so I appreciate your timely wisdom.

  5. For my upcoming product launch, I’m doing it NOT based on proven formulas. I’m doing it based on my brightest strengths. And I’ll delegate in order to support that.

  6. Love this reminder to delegate those things that are NOT my unique brilliance! I have had assistance for about 6 months now and it feels great! Have also just hired out some new tasks in the past 2 weeks…..feels super great to be moving forward and up with the right kind of support…..

    And I know I need even more…..

    Thanks again Yvette!
    Tina xo

  7. You are so passionate about this, Yvette. Your posts consistently drive home the importance of not being a 1 woman-show. Pre-planning. You’ve named that in a fresh way here and I think that really (I admit) strikes a chord with me. When it’s all on our shoulders it feels like we’re only putting out fires. Smart woman, you!

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