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Will Success Be Your UnDoing? Part 1 of 2

Humor me for a moment…

…You are making decent coin and you have plenty of clients – so many that you are struggling to keep up with demand, but you are still in the delusional phase that you have to do everything yourself. Even though, you are currently struggling with a full schedule, have a mile long to-do list and at the last family gathering it had been so long that your nieces and nephews were asking “Who’s the escaped mental patient?”

Now, imagine that on top of everything else you are doing to keep the dollars flowing your marketing efforts pay off and go into hyper drive. You find yourself astonished by all the knocks on your door from people wanting a taste of your special sauce. You do some major rump-rockin’, happy dancing because you will finally have the income, freedom and impact on people’s lives just like you’ve always wanted. Life is much happier and yummier now, except…

Yeah, there is always a but isn’t there?

Is your business ready for that level of growth?

Can you honestly tell yourself, that you have the right resources, environment, mindset and support structures to be able to handle the new business that has come your way?

Yes? No? Oh Snap?

You are now officially stuck in what scientists call a conundrum – how do you handle the day-to-day details of running your empire while managing all the new business that you’ve wrangled into the corral?

The decision to go out on your own did not come easily and like many other’s you are running a one-woman show. As a result, because you are wearing all the hats (even the dang janitor’s) your business is not reaching the potential you know it can.

I’m going to take a moment here to remind you that we’ve talked about you adding more leverage to your business before. The Yvette Syversen revolution is all about helping you stop the insanity of trying to do it all yourself. The perks of which are – you can better leverage your money, time, skills, systems and support resources. Which leads to your business reaching its full potential without losing your sanity or ruining your reputation along the way. It’s the whole “working smarter not harder” cliché.

Having said that, many of you are finally drinking the Kool-Aid and crossing over to the other side so you can get some of that primo, uncut leverage stuff to alleviate your empire growing pains. But, at the same time your brain starts hurting from pondering which dang systems you should put in place first and where?

Let’s be real honest here, you’ve been in business for a bit, but you haven’t quite mastered running it in a stress-free profitable and productive way.

So, where do you start?

From the beginning silly.

OK, just kidding.

There are seven areas where you can create more structure right now, so you can run your empire like clockwork, grow it (and your bank account) faster all while leveraging your time and being able to breathe again.

Here are the first three areas ::

First up— Creating A System To Create Systems – I show you how to easily create a system for ANY process in your business in this blog post:  Uber-Successful Entreprenuers Secret :: Decoded . But, wait, don’t go there yet. Finish reading this post and then if this is where you need to start by all means go forth and prosper.

Second — Managing Your Projects — As a creative entrepreneur you probably tend to get overwhelmed with the bazillion ideas you get on an everyday basis to advance your business. You struggle to figure out which one will create the best results and you can easily get bogged down by the HOW to get things done.

Projects is how you grow your business. So, you must have a way for figuring out which idea is the best one, for breaking down any project into more manageable and doable steps, for tracking its progress and for managing when tasks need to be completed.

Even if you aren’t tackling big wampum projects yet, it’s a great idea to have a step-by-step approach on how you will handle your projects so you don’t miss key steps. Doing so is incredibly handy if you currently have people working with you and you have to delegate tasks to them.

Again, even if you are not ready to hire assistance setting a system for handling your projects will still be a beneficial exercise for you to be able to get your projects done more effectively and profitably with the bonus of it being ready to go when you do start bringing in support.

Having a well thought out system to get your projects done faster is a must so you can start monetizing those brilliant ideas and make the money you know you can be making.

Third – The Taming of the To-Do – I bet you have a long-ass to do list that is probably a big source of stress for you. Am I right? I personally know it’s one biggest challenges for entrepreneurs.


Here’s a clue — your to do list needs to be based on what you want your business to be — your vision, purpose, what you intent to accomplish, goals, priorities and of course the actions you will be taking to reach your destination. So, if you are not clear on where you are going and how are you going to get there how would you know which tasks are worth doing and when you’ve arrived?

Most of you try to tackle a laundry list of to-do’s because you don’t really have a strategic way to handle your list.

I have a system for handling your to-do list which you can read all about it on this blog post: To Accomplish More Do Less And it’s a fantastic system based on one used by many uber-successful people that I’ve put my own spin on.

However, which system you use is not as important as finding a system that works best for you. So, whether you use good ole fashion post-it notes and stick them all over your life, use an electronic system with flashing lights and mysterious beeps or my clearly fantastic system 😉 the trick is to be super realistic with what you can get done in a day.

Some people have a to-do list of 7 items others a list of 2. The point is to create your to do list very strategically and work on a task until completion within the time that you have allotted yourself. That is how you will advance your business and start feeling really good about yourself ‘cuz you are making progress and money.

I don’t want to overwhelm you so I decided to make this week’s post a two-parter. Come back next week same place, same time, for the other four rarely talked about areas where you can start creating structure in your business so you can bring in the money honey.

If you need a little help creating more structure in your bidness, my “Freedom Chats” 15 minutes Powwows are back in session. Don’t miss out… go here for all the deets.

And if you’ve found this article useful, share it with at least two of your colleagues – they will truly love you for it.



  1. Great post, Yvette! I love systems and it’s so important to delegate when it’s costing you more to do it yourself. I’m learning this as my business is beginning to get bigger than I can handle all by myself.

    Can’t wait to read the resources you packed into this one!

  2. MMMM… Kool-aid.. lol yep, you are a leveraging genius.. I love the taming of the to-do list… this one still gets me. Love your optin as well… Hugs!

  3. Yvette – I worry about this problem all the time. I’m often wondering, if I got a huge onslaught of attention how I would handle it. Systems are so important but so is having a team of qualified individuals. This is a great post, thank you!

  4. As always, your info is really helpful. Thanks!

  5. Systems!

    One of my goals is to have my systems smooth and rocking by the end of the year. i need to be able to easily accomodate an ASSLOAD of business.

  6. I am bookmarking this post to refer back to later. I really need to keep all of this in mind as I take the first baby steps into building my business!

  7. Yvette… this is so key “your to do list needs to be based on what you want your business to be — your vision, purpose, what you intent to accomplish, goals, priorities and of course the actions you will be taking to reach your destination.” I’ve accomplished so much more since refocusing with these things in mind. Taking small steps each day toward where I want my business to BE has been crucial in my progress. Great post!

  8. “Your to do list needs to be based on what you want your business to be — your vision, purpose, what you intent to accomplish, goals, priorities and of course the actions you will be taking to reach your destination.”

    This needs to be a poster – or a scrolling theme on the screens of lots of computers. It is so easy to get all caught up in tactical list and completely miss the business forest for the trees. Yet another reason to get those great resources + systems from you!

    Jennifer Peek | Business Choreographer
    Find Your New Groove
    Left-Brained Strategy for Right-Brained Entrepreneurs

  9. Great article Yvette! The part that resonated the most strongly with me was the part on the to-do list. In theory I know that my to-do list should reflect my goals, visions and top priorities… but in actuality am I good at identifying the higher profit activities? Ehhh… lol

    I can see now more than ever how the perfectionist within holds me back and keeps me at minutia. It’s like — Do you want to be “perfect” or do you want to bank?

  10. ooooh I love the Taming of the To Do! I feel this article! Right deep into my bones. I’m just now really starting to scale, to let go, to empower others and to allow my business to breathe without me by its side ever single second all the time. It hurts….kind of like watching children grow but just like that it also feels so good…that you are nurturing something BIG that you are building something strong and sustainable. Amazing article!

  11. Systems fascinate and confuse me at the same time, as I’m not someone who naturally works in a systematized way. I hear systems, systems, systems all the time, yet most of the time haven’t the faintest clue what this means or how to go about really developing effective ones. I’ll be trying out the tips mentioned on the linked post to see what I can streamline.

  12. Watch out to-do list…I know how to wrangle with you now!

  13. Oh, how I love thee systems! “Streamline” was my 1st Quarter focus for 2012 and I so relate to this…and know that I need to refer back to this post when my business takes the next growth spurt!

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