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How To Eliminate Information Overload for Good

This week’s question from “Wednesday’s Unplugged with Yvette” comes from Patricia.


Hi Yvette!

What suggestions do you have to better manage information overload? There are so many interesting distractions online and elsewhere that I often get lost in a sea of nonrevenue generating activities.


Ah, great question, Patricia!
Information Overload is one of those things we all deal with. Is the “entrepreneurial curse” especially when you are just starting out. A very common problem among creative entrepreneurs, even seasoned one’s, to cope with the massive amounts of information coming at us everyday!

Here are some ideas to help you navigate the information overload landmine:

First, eliminate all the worthless stuff that will not help you achieve your goals.
Opt out of all those lists! If you keep track of how many hours you spend watching TV (aka the idiot box like I call it), reading newspapers offline/online, cosmo, emails etc…you’d be horrified!

It’s been years since I’ve sat down to watch the news, I’d figure if something really bad/good happens I will hear about it, or my sister will let me know.

Second, learn how to speed read. It’s an incredible valuable skill to possess & apply. Not only will you be able to read quicker but you’ll only absorb what you most need.

Third, I’m a huge advocate of continuous learning and staying current, in fact you MUST read a ton in order to succeed. But, since time is of essence for us busy gals you want to know if a particular book is going to be worth your time — right?

So, what’s a girl to do, well, thanks to technology you can subscribe to “executive book summaries”. This nifty service will allow you to receive summaries of the best business books out there. Its pretty cool.

Bonus Tip:

Want to eliminate information overload for good? Yes?

Then get crystal clear on what you already know and what you still need to know to reach your goals.

You see most of us (yup, me included) don’t value what we already know, in fact, I bet you know a lot more than you probably give yourself credit for. Look, I too, spend time searching for the latest and greatest but I learned a while ago not to discard the value of the wisdom I already possess.

A key to success is to develop the ability to focus on the information that will matter the most to your core business goals.

So, once you are clear on what you already know and still need to know then is much easier to figure out what you are looking for.

This strategy will help you eliminate the ”information overload ” rollercoster. You’ll be more focus and productive saving tons of time & resources. Guaranteed!

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