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Have You Fallen Into This Trap?

This week’s question from “Wednesday’s Unplugged with Yvette ” comes from Monica Acevedo, Panama


I’ve heard so many times the phrase you need to be “working on your business, not in your business” but what does it really mean?What is the difference?


This is an excellent question, but before I explain the difference I would like to clarify that the main purpose of your business is to serve you, instead of you serving your business.

With that said, the difference is very simple, working IN your business means you are wearing all the hats. You are running around like a chicken without a head putting out the fires, doing the filing, returning emails, bookkeeping, weeding out emails, customer service, ordering stuff etc… In other words all the mundane tasks you could pay someone else a whole lot less money than what you charge to take care of it for you.

Working ON your business is when you are doing what you love plus the high-level strategy, planning, big picture stuff. You are identifying new ways to expand, hiring key people to support you, creating/strengthening joint venture relationships, all the tasks that will make you money and allow you to turn your dreams into reality.

So, if you’ve fallen into the trap of working IN your business, the way to immediately start working ON your business is by adding leverage.

In other words, learning how to manage YOURSELF effectively (how you direct your time, attention and actions) and  putting in place the right systems, people, habits and resources to support that big vision of yours.

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  1. Terrific post, Yvette! You’ve hit the proverbial “nail” right on its proverbial “head”!

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