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3 Simple Habits To Build a Profitable Business

This week’s question from  “Wednesday’s Unplugged with Yvette” comes from Maritza Pozuelos.


Hi Yvette,
I really want to start making 6 figures in my business. What is the most important thing I need to do first to make it happen?


Oooooh, I absolutely love this question Maritza, thanks for sending it in!

If you want to become a successful 6 figure and beyond entrepreneur, the most important thing you have to do to achieve this goal of yours is shift your mindset from acting like an “employee” of your business to thinking like a “business owner” (aka leader) of your business.  You are the leader of your business, and I know some people might have a bad taste about this because it kind of reminds them of being in a big corporation. But, truthfully that is what you are, you are the leader of your business.

Once you fully embrace this mindset shift (which can be a difficult shift for some) once you start making decisions from this standpoint and you learn how to let go, your business will move rapidly in the direction that you wish.

Now, I know you asked for that one thing, but I would like to share a few other things that will help you and anyone else who wants to reach this milestone in thier business.

Next, you want to learn how to delegate wisely.  Now, I’m not talking about delegating tasks to your VA or team, I mean easing your white-knuckle grip on the reins letting go and delegating “ownership” to others.  In other words, you want to shift your mindset from “assigning tasks to someone else” to “we are partners, here is what we are going to build together, here is what you are going to take care of for me. Give this person total autonomy to perform their assign duties.

You must learn to think in terms of “getting things done through others” rather than trying to do them yourself.  Yes, you still will need to create your systems and build your team, but your focus has now  shifted to thinking about the big picture stuff. This new thinking pattern will liberate you from having to figure it all out — which will inevitably push your business to the top.

Another crucial habit  is the ability to make quick decisions and running with them. I will admit, this habit took me a while to master and I still sometimes take way to long to decide on certain things. But, this comes from being an extremely analytical person. Anyhoo, I’ve learn the hard way, that wallowing in making a decision is the worse thing you can do for your business and life. My husband is always telling me, come on, make a decision already women!

Anyway, it’s crucial for you to learn how to make decisions quickly in your business, only by doing so and acting on them will give you the momentum you need to move forward.  If you wait and wait to make the perfect decision, you’ll stagnate and will not be able move forward.  Making decisions quickly will also allow you to become more confident in managing your business.

Oh, and one more quick thing I’d like to throw in Maritza, be ruthless with your time as it’s your most precious resource!

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