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How To Grow Your Empire Without Burning Out

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve shared with you simple ways you can free yourself from the burden of feeling constantly overwhelmed, running yourself ragged, trading hours for dollars, working on low paying activities and letting your to-do list take over.

In case you don’t remember, the big secret is to harness the “power of leverage”.

Many of you have commented and sent in emails asking me, Yvette, how do you know when to start adding leverage in your business? Where do you even begin?

So, I put on my thinking cap and today I will share with you the first and most important thing you must do to begin the process of adding leverage in your business.

Drum roll….

The first step to start adding leverage in your business so you can stop running around like a chicken with her head cut off is to develop what I call a “ruthless leverage mindset”.

And what is a “ruthless leverage mindset” you might ask?

You see, everyone complains they don’t have enough time to do all there is to do in their business and still have time to simply enjoy themselves. Let me assure you even the most seasoned and successful women entrepreneur has the same 24 hours a day as you do. So, what makes her different? What secret juju does she know that she is able to get things done and still have time to enjoy her family, friends, take vacations, get a massage all while making oodles of money and a difference in other’s people lives?

No, she doesn’t have magical powers.

She simply has mastered how to cope with the massive amounts of information and resources coming her way on a daily basis.

Let me explain…

When I do my “get acquainted” call before someone signs up for any of my coaching packages,  9 times out of 10 the first thing they share with me, as we start talking about how to create systems and add leverage to their business is — I just don’t have enough time to do that right now. Ha!

You want to know what I hear?

I hear, Yes, you are right I should have more systems, but I’m so overwhelmed with everything that I have going on right now, I don’t see how I can fit creating those systems in. I’m already overbooked and overworked, I just don’t have the mental bandwidth to deal with that at the moment. I have many cds, books on my bookshelf and videos on my computer that I have yet to read or watch.  Yes, I know I should be delegating, but, I’m afraid she will not do things like I would, and besides I cannot afford to hire anyone right now. So, I will put it in my to-do list and when I can free up more time I will try to figure it out and get it done…which let’s be honest, is never gonna happen, because something else will come up, some other bright shiny object will get her distracted.

So, you see, the challenge is not so much “how do you manage your time better”,  the problem is simply you are suffering from “information overload”.

So many women entrepreneurs get overwhelmed with all the advice, all the programs they enroll in and all the info-products they buy — its mind boggling.

They say “yes” to every single new opportunity that comes their way – kinda like a kid in a candy shop or a pack rat dropping a nourishing nut to pick up an inedible pop top from a soda can.

So, what happens? Their business results, if any, are all over the place and those unwelcome guests – Confusion and Distraction – show up at their door.

If, however, they would hunker down stick to one program, one mentor, follow it for a set time frame they would see ah-mazing results. Why? Because they actually implemented what they learn and tracked the results before moving on to the next glittering thing. They simply — took action.

Sadly, in the years I’ve been working with solopreneurs, I noticed most don’t see things all the way through successful completion. They jump from strategy to strategy, workshop to workshop with a mindset confused from previous programs and in search of the magic pill that is going to turn their business around. Hate to say this but…there is no magic pill.

On the other hand, the successful entrepreneur I mentioned in the beginning knows better, she says NO to what seems like good opportunities – a cutting edge project, a hot workshop, an irresistible info product, even an ideal client for her.

She’s developed a “ruthless leverage mindset”. She focuses on the one opportunity she knows will positively impact her bottom line, she works on money-generation activities. She only signs up for things that will keep her on track and help her with whatever project she is currently working on. She is not afraid of farming out the low-leverage, low paying tasks. She implements more. She is confident that everything she says “yes” to will move her closer to the lifestyle and the goals she wants to achieve.

So how can you develop this ruthless leverage mindset?

Easy Peasy.

Here are four things, I’ve done and now you can too to begin building your “ruthless leverage mindset”:

  • Get clarity around what you want your business and life to become. When you know what you are creating, and what you need to accomplish, you will immediately know what steps you need to take to make it real. It’s that simple. You’ll avoid distractions and easily determine what to invest in, where to spend your time on and what needs to be done. So, get crystal clear about your purpose and desired lifestyle.
  •  Get comfortable with saying No and mean it! Here is the thing, anything you say yes to means you are say no to something else. You are not missing out on anything, you are not limiting yourself and most likely that workshop you just signed on is not the magic pill that is going to solve all your business challenges.  

    On the contrary, saying no more often will actually create more space for you discover what is important, thus allowing you to work on what you care about and what’s going to make a difference in your business. Saying no, it’s hard. I know. But, when you say “yes” to only the things that are aligned with what you want to accomplish you will work less, see results a hell of lot faster and have more *me* time.

  •  When presented with an opportunity ask yourself the following questions:  Will this (insert bright shiny object here) move me closer or further away from reaching my lifestyle and business goals? How is this going to make me money? How am I going to feel? 

    I always ask myself those key questions, yes, I too sometimes find myself caught in the web of all the shiny objects opportunities I want to get myself involve in,  but before I say “yes, I’ll do it”. I immediately switch to my ruthless leverage mindset. Try it, it will help you to avoid getting sucked in by all the glittering opportunities out there.

And last, get super clear on the things that are really making money and a difference in your business – once you do,  wash, rinse, repeat and you’ll be able to apply your Ruthless Leverage Mindset.


  1. I love this:
    Will this (insert bright shiny object here) move me closer or further away from reaching my lifestyle and business goals?

    A great filter to live by! Lately I have been feeling overwhelmed with all the information coming in – like you said, from the books I want to read, courses to take, all these things I have already paid for that I need to now implement. Taking a step back to re-evaluate what I really need at this time – where am I going with all of this and what is next? seems like the best thing to do right now – because when I come from a place of not knowing I tend to just grab the first, but not always the most productive – thing in front of me!

    • Thanks Laura! Keep me posted on how it all turns out after you re-evaulete what you need the most to move your business forward

  2. This is so great. I really needed to hear this. Once a month I reevaluate my plan and upcoming events schedule and I will be using your post as a guide.
    Admittedly, I am just starting out and not sure what works all the time, so I do find myself trying a lot of things. But I am seeing patterns and so beginning to repeat those.

    Soon I will have the Ruthless Leverage Mindset.

    • Oh, Laurie you are the perfect candidate. If you implement this strategy from now you’ll be light years ahead in dealing with overwhelm as your business grows. Keep us posted on how it goes after your reevaluation.

  3. What a timely post! I tend to get drawn towards bright, shiny objects, and they are simply distractions that steer me away from money making activities! I appreciate the ruthless leverage mindset. I need more of that!

    • Thanks Michelle for stopping by and your comment! “Bright, shiny objects, are simply distractions that steer me away from money making activities” – right on!!

  4. These are all great tips. The first one really stood out for me right now: “Get clarity around what you want your business and life to become. When you know what you are creating, and what you need to accomplish, you will immediately know what steps you need to take to make it real.” This is so true. Especially the part about envisioning the lifestyle I want. 🙂

    • Thanks Laurie! So many of us try to force our desire lifestyle into a busy business and its now wonder we all feel so overwhelm and unhappy at times. The trick is to become crystal clear on the lifestyle you want first, then build a business to support it. Evverything else will then fall into place.

  5. This is why I love you so much, you speak business gospel. From working with you to reading your content I am always directed back to what I should be doing versus taking care of meaningless things. I am a big fan of saying no, and it’s not easy! I also have to break it down to “Does this contribute to the life I want?” Thanks Yvette. What you coach creates space to work on the juicy part of a business.

    • Awww…you are so sweet, thank you! Aligning your values with the kind of business you want is muy importante.

  6. Ah! Life saver for sooo many women! This information is so important! I have personally been struggling with all the different activities on my plate. I’ve got tons of help but I haven’t sat down and really strategized so I can get all my people helping me to take on accountabilities. This is so timely for me and I am making the decision right now to sit down, make my plan and then work my plan so I can fully leverage all the help and resources I have. THANK YOU!

    • You are so welecome and report back. Would love to hear how things change for you after you start tapping all those resources to leverage your and thier time better.

  7. I think the ‘time management’ issue just makes people bad when they hear the words! And you’re right on the money with leverage being the secret behind the time mgmt concept. Love your tips – and I love saying no now, it’s like taking a really great deep breath, to say no to what doesn’t serve and allow space for what truly does. Thankfully it gets easier with practice 🙂 I also enjoy leverage in working with a team and creating business systems/programs once that can be used repeatedly by me and others. That’s financial leverage, baby!

    • Yup, you got it, creating systems and leverage is where the wealth and freedom lies, thanks Maddy!

  8. Great advice! Saying no – that’s the hardest for me but I’m getting better. Also I really DO want to watch every educational program I’ve paid for – will I ever get the time to do it?

    • Jessica, you know what i do, when I’m working on a project I usually go to my library (bookcase & harddrive) and I find the related info product to watch/read…LOL Its one way i have to catch up. It also forces me to get rid of whatever is not relevant or is outdated.

  9. Isn’t this the truth. Getting crystal clear on your vision, staying focused, saying no to information overload (and even other thought leaders in your own industry), and knowing where the money is. Great words of wisdom Yvette. Thanks for writing with such clarity.

    • Loralee, thank you for stopping by & for your compliment! I love how you summarized my post 🙂

  10. I will be back often to read this awesome post….I have just broken free of the bright, shiny object syndrome this past month and am moving forward BIG TIME. I will come back often for the “booster shot” to keep that “syndrome” away for good.

    Thanks for sharing your razor-sharp insight!

    The Green Juice Coach

  11. Hi Yvette,

    Once again, we are 100% in synch! We are teaching exactly the same philosophy. I’ll be tweeting a link to this posting very soon!


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